I have been a member of the "Loose Cannon" fitness group for several years now. Bruce's boot camp style of training is the right mix of cardio and body weight training that works all key areas of your body.

I do a good bit of traveling out of town with my job, but I do my best to keep up with my workouts while I'm on the road. I usually check out the hotel exercise rooms, but they are often very small with a single treadmill and/or elliptical machine and few weights and those that have advance amenities can be pretty crowded. At that point, I head back to my room, clear out a small space and proceed to do my burpees, pushups, Iron Mikes, Gorillas, etc. all part of Bruce's 1775 routine. In 20-30 minutes, I can work up a good sweat and work off the extra calories that I inevitably consume during training meetings and business dinners.

Whatever I am doing seems to be working because as I approach my half century of life this year, I can honestly say that I am in better shape today than I was at 30.

Thanks Bruce!

Les Bosarge (VP of Sales)
Nashville, TN

I'm a business traveler, and last year I stayed over 70 nights in hotels. When I travel, I travel light. But I always find room to pack my PT gear. Whether I find the time to use it is another story. With LCF 1775, I have expanded my options for a full-on, intense workout from just a playlist on a device I always carry ' my iPhone. Now that's portable!

Since LCF 1775 is simply eight tracks in a dedicated playlist, I can tailor my workouts to meet my objectives AND my schedule. If I only have time for a quick workout, I play the set once for a solid sweat in 7 minutes. More time? I go for the burn with a second circuit. If I'm feeling strong, I'll attempt a third and really ramp up that target heart rate. But the best part ' I can do it all in the comfort of my own hotel room which is a huge timesaver. Now that's personal!

Finally, LCF 1775 provides a structured, disciplined aerobic workout. It's basic calisthenics with a virtual DI calling cadence. I don't need a gym or fitness center; no free weights or machines of any kind. I don't have to learn complex dance moves and it doesn't take me through hour-plus routines that I frankly don't have time for. You just press play, follow the count, and see the results. Now that's powerful!

Jim Radigan (Aeronautical Engineer and former Naval Flight Officer)
Hume, VA


Steve Wise (Law Enforement professional and educator)
Batavia, NY

Let me say first of all, being bossed around by a drummer in any sense is bad news. Drummers are people who hang around with musicians. As a long time friend of Bruce, I realize that if anyone would know about loose cannons, it's Bruce so I begrudgingly gave it a try.

I began with the introduction and felt really solid about how I was doing while listening to the explanation. From there, things went downhill as fast as my pulse ramped up. Within trying a couple of components, I was trying to find the number of my neighbor who has glycerin pills for his heart condition. Within another one, I believed I was in an infomercial with Christie Brinkley and Bruce was portraying Walker Texas Ranger. After that, I really can't recall anything until regaining consciousness in the ambulance for a couple of minutes on the way to the hospital.

However, after one 10 minute session and a quadruple bypass, I now feel like I am at least 45 again and am planning my first ascent of Mt. Everest without oxygen. I would also be participating in the Tour de France but I tested positive for HGH after the heart attack.

Seriously, this is a wonderful program that Bruce has developed. It's simple and requires nothing more than an iPod and 10 minutes of your time and determination - that is if you can make it through 10 minutes. It's brutal but very effective. As a traveling professional, I am never in a consistent location with access to a gym or exercise equipment. So this is an awesome resource to keep up with core exercises. The rhythmic nature of the cadence is also helpful to work through exercises with a designated pace, even with Bruce drumming. Look for the Loose Cannon Fitness logo on my Everest Banner!

Chris Marion
Keyboard Player / Vocalist The Little River Band
Multiple Dove Award Nominated Arranger
Nashville, TN